Sheherazade and her sister

Illustration by Sophie Herxheimer ‘Tales of Amazing Maidens’ (Orchard Books 1995)

Audience – adults only
Length – flexible – 60 mins or  2 x 45 mins with an interval
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Sheherazade told stories to save her life. Her sister sat beside her listening. Without the listener – the teller and the tales do not exist. Enter a world of djinns and magic, cross-dressing and betrayal, lust, love and death. Rich and tasty, outrageously sexy tales. This is  storytelling for adults that discusses female desire and gender division, the need to narrate, the reality of fiction, and the power of listening to transform. Your listening brings the stories alive.

sheherazade by Sophie Herxheimer, sally pomme clayton storytelling for adults

“One of the best storytellers in Britain – spirited, infectious, she captures the audience in a matter of minutes. She is funny, touching and strong, and can convey dramatic suspense, emotion, and light-hearted humour. Her ease of manner and spontaneity hide very through preparation and research for all her shows…beautiful use of language, clear delivery and perfect sense of timing, which she uses to convey simple truths and universal meanings which appeal to a very wide audience.” Aude Gotto, Norwich