Workshops for adults

Sally Pomme Clayton inspires, motivates and encourages. She is an experienced teacher, trainer, mentor, coach and dramaturg. She gives practical, creative workshops for adults in storytelling and creative writing. She works with universities; arts organizations; community groups; educational establishments; businesses; libraries, and museums. She can tailor an enaging and creative workshop specifcally for your group.

Workshops last 2 hours or 2 days. They can be one-off or part of a series. A workshop: develops confidence and pleasure in communication and expression; helps individuals and groups find their voice; develops team work and a sense of play, and sets the imagination free! Workshops with Sally Pomme are fun, positive, creative, and carefully structured to lead each group through a detailed and meaningful process.

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Storytelling workshops develop and explore all aspects of telling a story: finding and developing story; understanding story structure; using voice, gesture, space and body; becoming a narrator; developing characters; using visualisation and memory.

Creative writing workshops develop and explore all aspects of creative writing: story structure and plot; point of view; developing a sense of place; building characters; using the senses; description; dialogue; language; using the memory.

Sally Pomme believes it is a privilege to help individuals explore their imaginations, discover the wealth of potential stories that are inside them, and help them find new ways to express themselves.

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 “Sally Pomme Clayton is a fantastic storyteller, with a great ability to engage audiences both young and old, as well as encouraging those she works with to share stories and develop their skills. She has a huge knowledge of stories from different cultures, works as a mentor to other writers and storytellers. She is a highly experienced, creative and professional  – every story is a treat to listen to.” Lisa Mead, Apples and Snakes.