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Writer, story creator, dramaturge, commentator – Sally Pomme Clayton’s writing often grows out of performance, exploring written forms that keep oral qualities alive. She loves to combine folklore with history, myth with biography, travel stories with cultural history, anecdotes with fairytales.

She has published several children’s books, her most recent is “Greek myths, stories of sun stone and sea” illustrated by Jane Ray (Frances Lincoln 2014). Her books have been translated into Greek, Korean, Romanian, Turkish, Danish. Find out more about her publications.

Her most recent publication is The No Panic Book of Not Panicking (2016) written and edited in collaboration with self-help group No Panic (Sutton and Merton) and Apples and Snakes
and illusrated by Richy K Chandler. The book shares personal experiences of panic and anxiety with practical and creative strategies for coping, along with poems and stories about attitudes towards mental health. It also includes some of the creative writing exercises developed by Sally Pomme for the group, so the reader can try them out. The book is full of testimonies that even in the darkest moments hope can be found. It is available free to download.

Sally Pomme was commissioned to write six interlinked stories for The British Museum’s ‘A history of the World in 100 objects’ which she performed alongside the objects over a year. She wrote ‘Cupid have mercy’ for The Royal Shakespeare Company which was published as a booklet for Shakespeare’s birthday. She has written performances for: Unicorn Theatre; The Swedenborg Society; Chichester Festival Theatre; Wellcome collection.

She loves to write for music, and has written texts for composers, musicians, bands and orchestra: David Bruce; Joglaresa; The London Philharmonic; Dario Marianelli; Welsh National Opera; The Brodsky Quartet; Simon Thorne; Panos Ghikas. She has written for radio and was winner of the BBC ‘Write Out Loud’ award for writing for radio (1997). And has written plays and documentaries, among them: As I crossed a Bridge of Dreams (Radio 4 1998); The Young Man’s Tale (Radio 3 2000 ); Tales from the statue (Radio 4 2003), and The Whole Brain (Radio 3  2006).

Coming soon: The King with Dirty Feet – in a new edition for Otter Barry Books.

“The story burns with fury and pride as well as fierce love and loyalty, at its heart a deeply moving vision of the unity of earth and heaven, an alliance of gods and people, animals, plants and stones. Sally Pomme Clayton conveys this in an oral storyteller’s unpretentious prose, alongside Sophie Herxheimer’s fire-bright illustrations.” Books for Keeps.

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“This is a superb collection of powerfully retold stories featuring bold and courageous heroines from around the world, which deserves a place on any bookshelf… perfect read-aloud stories and would undoubtedly enrich children’s knowledge and understanding of different cultures, whilst conveying important messages about courage, bravery and love.” Writeaway