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Frog-princess-with-text small version
 A punk fairytale for adults – narrative + noise, surreal images + raw sounds
Date: 24 Feb 2017, 7.30- 9.30
Place: Omnibus, 1 Clapham Common Northside,  London SW4 0QW
This performance is under-construction! It has been accepted to be part of Engine Room at Omnibus Clapham. We will have 3 days of rehearsal with them and some help. We will present 25 mins (a third of the performance) at a showcase on Feb 24, along with two other works in progress. Come and support the development of our work – but don’t except the whole story or a finished product! This is work in progress. We will be presenting the whole work for The Crick Crack Club at Soho Theatre on June 5 2017.
The Frog Princess Punked – crazed Russian fairytale meets punk rock! What happens when Ivan is forced to marry a frog? Bad sounds, big noise, a wicked racket! Urban meets forest. Patriarchy meets feminism. Baba Yaga meets Koschey the Deathless! Pioneering storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton and an all-girl band embark on a provocative collaboration combining the noise of punk with a surreal narrative about the dangers of annexing the wild, and the wisdom of liberating the female. Together they create a hullabaloo of spoken word and electric guitar, songs and distorted sounds, set in a shifting collage of images created by a digital artist. It’s gonna be angry. It’s gonna be rough. It’s gonna be loud!  “Disgusting! Get out before the doors close!” The Guardian
Sally Pomme Clayton – story / Georgia Kalogeropoulou – compositon, guitars, saxophone, voice / Dawn Rose -musical areangement,  drums / Fotios Begklis – images

Date:12  March 2017, 2.30 – 4.30pm
Place: The British Musuem, ‘Myths Retold’  by The Crick Crack Club  Epic Sundays
Provoking, seductive, and a virgin, the Queen of Sheba visits King Solomon to test his wisdom.  Riddles and tricks, desire and foolishness ensue, as they unravel each others’ historiesSheba has a bird’s claw and hairy legs and Solomon falls passionately in love with her. As his attempts to seduce her get more and more desperate, he looses his wisdom and his throne, before the secret of Sheba’s virginity is finally revealed. Solomon and Sheba appear briefly in the Bible, yet countless tales exist about them throughout the Middle East, stories that have crossed religious and cultural borders. Sally Pomme Clayton draws on Sumerian, Hebrew, Christian and Islamic traditions to trace Sheba’s ancestry back through Medieval folklore to Adam’s first wife, Lilith, and forward all the way British nursery and Mother Goose! Told with an ancient Ethiopian story scroll, accompanied by camel bells and talking birds, she mixes sacred with profane, raunchy with poetic, the Bible with jokes  – this performance is for adults only!  This event is part of HeforShe Arts Week exploring gender in the arts.




Date: Feb 6th 2017,  7 .00 – 8.00pm

Place: Soho Theatre, 21 Dean St, London W1D3NE
Sheer, magical delight and shadowy enchantment, a combination of  stories and shadows. Dark, gothic fairytales for grown-ups accompanied by Sally Pomme’s little shadow theatre, with some new stories and puppets lurking in the shadows. Stories of forbidden lovers – lonely lasses, passionate Goddesses, lusty lads are peppered with delicate images from her teeny, tiny shadow theatre. Stories of having and not having, of longing and loosing, of making mistakes, and living to tell the tale. Stories woven through with fragments of songs, shadows, and sounds. Get lost in the dark, meet your shadow, and be entranced!
Hosted by The Crick Crack Club   18+ only, tickets come with a nip of something strong to keep out the winter chill.

“Love in the Shadows’ is a series of gothic fairy tales about love and desire. Nestled in a tiny little room, we shared cushions, blankets, Limoncello and pins and needles as her beautiful ‘shadow stories’ came alive before our eyes in her tiny little shadow theatre. Clayton has a delicate way of holding an audience so gently, that you are pulled along before you know it, and the piece is exceptionally beautiful. You quickly fall under her spell, and sort of wish she would never stop talking!”  Female Arts.


The Russian Forest : the landscape of Russian fairytales with ‘Babayaga’s Daughter  – Centre for Myth Studies
Date: Thursday 24 November, 12.00 -1.30pm
Place: Centre for Myth Studies, Myth Reading Group, University of Essex, Colchester Campus. Room NTC.2.06
An exploration of the Russian forest – the landscape of Russian fairytales. The forest is where all leading characters go. There they meet the wild Babayaga and face dangerous tasks.
Performance storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton tells ‘Babayaga’s daughter’ – her version of a dark Russian fairytale. The story will be a starting point for the group to discuss
the reoccurring motifs and images linked to the Russian fairytale forest and explore their meanings.
Readings – ‘Prince Danila Govorila’ and ‘Vasilisa the Beautiful’ from Alexsander Afanas’ev’s collection of Russian Fairytales.

myth studies reading group russian fairytales told by sally pomme clayton
Babayaga and the Russian forest


The No Panic Book Of Not Panicking – An evening of stories and poems from the book
Thursday 1 December  6 – 7.30pm
Place: Conference Hall, St Pancras Hospital, 4 St Pancras Way London NW1 0PE
Tickets: FREE! But need to be booked in advance.

The No Panic Book Of Not Panicking  – illustration by Richy K Chandler
Join us for an evening of stories and poems shared from The No Panic Book of Not Panicking, written by No Panic (Sutton & Merton), edited by Sally Pomme Clayton, illustrated by Richy K Chandler and produced by Daniela Paolucci at Apples and Snakes. The book shares personal experiences of panic and anxiety, practical and creative strategies for coping, along with poems and stories about attitudes towards mental health. No Panic hope the book will bring relief to those who are suffering with panic, help families, inform the wider public, and eradicate shame and stigma linked to the condition. The book is full of testimonies that even in the darkest moments hope can be found, and is full of helpful ideas about how to live a braver life. Sally Pomme will introduce the evening and talk about the project, and members of No Panic will read poems and stories from the book. Richy K Chandler will show some of the drawings he did for the book and talk about creating them. There will be a Q&A session at the end. The book was funded by the National Lottery through The Big Lottery Fund. This event is presented in collaboration with The Recovery College.



Bedtime Story Nights for adults at 4o Winks – Tales of Christmas Cheer  
Date: Tuesday 13 December, 7.30pm
Place: 40 Winks Hotel
109 Mile End Rd, Stepney Green, London E1 4UJ
Cocktails in tea cups, dressing-up, prizes, music from virtuoso violinist Jorge Jimenez, and magical tales from Nell Phoenix and Sally Pomme Clayton at a very special Christmas event at 40 Winks. There is a dress code of elegant and glamorous jimjams and nighties. 40 Winks is truly wonderful. For more information and bookings contact Mr David Carter: reservations@40winks.orgsally pomme clayton storytelling for adults, 40 Winks Hotel
Nell and Sally Pomme in the garden at 40 Winks

“Sally Pomme Clayton’s voice is magical: she is so much into her story you can only travel with her.  You go over hills, you walk in the snow, you climb mountains, you suppress a tear…her smile, particularly radiates happiness and emotions.  Mesmerizing probably describes her best!”  Cherie City at 40 Winks


Tales of Lady Mary –  forgotten folk stories and songs of The Virgin Mary
Stories: Sally Pomme Clayton / music: Emma Wynne-Jones
Date: Friday December 23, 2016 5 -7 pm
Place: St Peter’s Church, Belsize SQ, Belsize Park, London, NW3 4HJ
Free – with a collection for donations to the church
Performance storytelling for Christmas; folkstories of The Bible
“All under the leaves, the leaves of life,
I met with virgins seven,
And one of them was Mary mild,
Our Lord’s dear mother in Heaven.” Medieval folksong
Performance storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton and musician Emma Wynne-Jones bring little known folktales of the Virgin Mary to life in spoken word, music and song. They take listeners from the birth of Mary, through her early life, to the Nativity. Come and be our choir! The event starts with a short workshop led by musical director Emma, where you can learn some carols and Christmassy folksongs. This will be followed by tea and mince pies. Then enjoy the performance – joining us as our choir – as we weave songs through the stories. Tales of Lady Mary draws on: un-known medieval folktales and mystery plays; the apocryphal Gospels and The Bible; old legends of the saints, and medieval poems and prayers. Some of the stories are sacred, some are shot through with ribald medieval humour! All the stories contain reoccurring images of: virginity; angels; doubt; infertility; disbelief; talking birds; visions; miracles; fertility; dreams; stars; and the mystery of birth. The magical stories are entwined with music played by Emma. Christmas carols and songs weave throughout the performance. We hope you will enjoy singing old, familiar tunes and trying out some new ones. Come and celebrate the forgotten stories of Christmas.

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