The Magician’s Apprentice

Audience – adults only
Length – 2 x 45 mins with an interval

What happens when magic goes wrong? Sally Pomme Clayton rummages through hats and rabbits, smoke and mirrors, wands and tarot cards, searching for spells. This intimate and enchanting performance takes the audience into the secret world of the magician. With a top hat from a junk shop and a mail-order wand, she opens  the magician’s suitcase, uncovering the cultural history of the tarot card, making fairytales appear, and myths vanish. In this slight-of-hand world, meet foolish apprentices, crazy genies, and Mistress of magic Elena the Wise. Here girls become doves, objects speak, the magician goes mad, and you can enter another world! Sally-Pomme conjures powerful female magicians from fragments of Egyptian and Indian myth, and summons-up a dazzling Russian fairytale. Join her on a fairytale quest to discover what is real and what illusion, who is the apprentice and who the teacher – as she searches for real magic.

“A richly evoked, magical story of many layers. Transported to so many times and places. A true magician of words.” Bakehouse Theatre

“Mistress of Magic, Speaker of Spells. A storming show from a queen of the spoken word at the height of her powers. A mixing and mingling of worlds, of eras and time-scales, of history and fantasy, with consummate ease and the lightest of touches. A subtle meditation on where the real magic truly lies.” Storyteller, Jamie Crawford

Sally Pomme Clayton photo by Gursen Houssein; storytelling for adults
Photo by Gursen Houssein

“Sally Pomme Clayton shared memories of her youth and search for magic, and stimulated by these ‘memories’ she told stories about magic taken from around the world. The spectator could not be sure if the memories were real, or fictions created to feed the stories! She explored: magicians as performers and their ‘tricks’ and illusions; tarot cards and their history and the meaning behind the pictures. She was twinkly and humorous – I was engaged throughout, unaware of time, totally absorbed in her truly wonderful stories.” Audience member, Soho Theatre

“An amazing performance last night. I can’t tell you how inspired and uplifted I felt when I left.” Audience member, Soho Theatre