Spoken Word

Storyteller  Griot  Filli  Asik  Philosopher  Zirau  Troubadour  Naqaal  Pandavani  Praise-Singer  Sculd  Historian  Dalang  Romanceros  P’ansori  Guslar  Bard

Sally Pomme Clayton loves fairytales and myths, those narratives passed by word of mouth for generations, before being written down. She believes the richly metaphorical stories of the oral tradition are a way of connecting to the voices of our ancestors, receiving something, re-making it, keeping it alive, and passing it on.

Joke  Anecdote  Family Story  Folktale  Fable  Trickster Tale  Dilemma  Fairytale  Legend Ghost Story  Wonder Tale  Romance  Epic  Parable  Myth  Creation Story

She performs for adults, families, and schools all over the World.

Dinner Table  Carpet Shop  Library  Market Place  Wedding  Theatre  Museum  Coffee House Kitchen  Bar  Funeral  Tent  Concert Hall  Garden  Festival  Temple

“Virtuoso storyteller, Sally Pomme Clayton, has that rare gift of being able to transport the listener to other worlds, by completely inhabiting those worlds herself. Her stories are authentic and full of shades and nuances of colour, she uses language like a painter. Her telling goes right through the skin, and settles deep in the marrow of the listening bones – a wondrous experience.” Venue magazine, Bristol