Night Visit app


Travel through the night, encounter spirits, visit heaven and hell, voyage beyond death. Biography and myth merge
with history and dream, invoking multiple perspectives,
triggering memories, summoning ghosts,
conjuring a love that endures beyond death.

About the Night Visit App:

Night Visit multimedia app supports the live experimental storytelling performance of Night Visit. The app is a fusion of film, sound, images, and narrative. A mesmerising taster of the live storytelling performance Night Visit. Sound and speech fracture and fuse, narrative and noise cut-up and coalesce. Images, stories, and music suggest fleeting presences and evoke metaphysical spaces. The Night Visit app is a different way of telling a story.

Multimedia performance Night Visit is a collaboration between storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton, composer and improviser Panos Ghikas, and multimedia artist Fotis Begklis – together they create an innovative and immersive world.

The performance of Night Visit entwines stories of Sally Pomme Clayton’s ancestors’ experiences of spiritualism, with the dazzling visions of eighteenth century philosopher and mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg. Sally Pomme Clayton traces the cultural history of spiritualism, contrasting her grandparents search for evidence with Swedenborg’s night visits, where he bravely surrendered himself to exploration of the supernatural in search of truth.

Night Visit was developed and premiered at The Swedenborg Society in October 2012, where storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton was artist in residence (2011 – 2012). The app and the performance were funded by Arts Council England.

Live performances of Night Visit are available for booking now. The performance is for adults only, and lasts 70 minutes straight through.
Email: for details.


Night Visit App features:

– Story: Sally Pomme Clayton

– Sound: Panos Ghikas

– Multimedia: Fotis Begklis

– Fusion of narrative, sound, images, speech, music, film, photographs, text.

– Beautiful design

– Storytelling voice

– Philosophical, historical, cultural, biographical content



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