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Persephone in paperback!

My book ‘Persephone – a journey from winter to spring’ illustrated by Virginia Lee and published by Frances Lincoln, has just come out in paperback. It has a beautiful new cover: And there is a lovely review in the Saturday Guardian! The book has been recommended by Julia Eccleshare as perfect summer reading for kids! […]

Greek Myths – starry sales!

My  latest book ‘Greek Myths – stories of sun, stone and sea’ has been in bookshops all over the UK.  It has been selling so well, it was on the best seller list of Blackwell’s Bookshop this Christmas! There have been some very nice reviews of the book. The Times called it, “luminously lovely.” Many […]

Greek Myths – Stories of Sun, Stone and Sea

My  new book ‘Greek Myths – Stories of Sun, Stone and Sea,’ has just come out! It is beautifully illustrated by Jane Ray. I was asked by my publisher Frances Lincoln to write the book for younger readers, to introduce them to the world of Ancient Greece, to the Gods and their stories. So I […]

Is it true?

One of the best responses a storyteller can hope for from a child listening to a tale, is for the child to ask, ‘is it true?’ Their question is an expression of enjoyment. I believe  it means  the child has gone deep inside the story, and the story has become real. The question is the […]

The King with Dirty Feet – app coming soon!

I am working with a Greek team of artists to make my story The King with Dirty Feet into an app. The King with Dirty Feet was published in 1991. It was the first story I tried to write.  I was asked by Mary Medlicott to contribute a story to a collection that she was […]

Hanuman Flew

Hanuman flew. Swifter than a bird, swifter than thought. Swifter than a hurricane, swifter than a tornado. Swifter than light, swifter than the blink of an eye. Hanuman flew with the sun under his arm and the mountain in the palm of his hand. At last he saw the shores of Lanka, and swooped down, […]