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Love in the Shadows

I will be performing  Love in the Shadows with my little shadow theatre on 28 November 19.30, St Micheal’s Church, Ewell. It was Pliny who wrote that the art of shadows was first invented by a ‘Corinthian maid’, who drew around the silhouette of her lover cast by an oil lamp onto the wall. He […]

Learning ethics through stories

I have not written for ages, as we have been moving house. And it nearly didn’t happen. We have been utterly lost in a world where the tempting possibility of more and more money turns ordinary people into greedy ogres. There are no laws in this world to prevent people from behaving like ogres, being […]

How to tell a fairytale!

I will be performing Love in the Shadows – dark, gothic tales about wolves, devils and girls who turn into flowers with my teeny, tiny shadow theatre at The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, on Sunday 15 December, as part of  ‘Angels Aren’t Just for Christmas… A Festival of Fairytales for Grown-ups’ 11th – 15th Dec […]

Fairytales for Grown-ups at The Forge

The Crick Crack Club have been programming the best performance storytelling for adults since 1987, when they held a weekly packed-out club at Kentish Town’s pub The Assembly House. Since then The Crick Crack Club have held clubs at Southbank Centre and The Barbican, expanded nationally, and currently has clubs at Soho Theatre and Rich […]

EROS AND PSYCHE – at Northern Stage and York Theatre Royal

Love, beauty, suffering, and the search for the soul, meet in the myth of Eros and Psyche. Socrates questioned it … Eros made sure of it … Aphrodite excelled at it… and Psyche thought about it all the time …  While Socrates and his friends debate the purpose of love over dinner – in the […]

Greek Myths – Stories of Sun, Stone and Sea

My  new book ‘Greek Myths – Stories of Sun, Stone and Sea,’ has just come out! It is beautifully illustrated by Jane Ray. I was asked by my publisher Frances Lincoln to write the book for younger readers, to introduce them to the world of Ancient Greece, to the Gods and their stories. So I […]

Tales from the Firebird

My third performance as Artist in Residence at The Swedenborg Society is for  children aged 6 and upwards. It will draw on stories about the mystical firebird. The firebird, or phoenix, was created at the beginning of time, has magic powers, helps those in trouble, and never dies. At the end of its life, it […]

Silence in storytelling

Silence is the ground for storytelling. Words and images echo in silence, rhythms ring, pauses give space, emotions hang in the air. The audiences’ response to a story needs silence, so that the memories and meanings evoked by a story, can resound inside them. But you don’t often get silence! I have performed alongside: discos; […]

Love in the Shadows – Soho Theatre

When I was little I loved making toy theatres from old shoe boxes!  Love in the shadows  experiments with images in the tiniest shadow theatre. The performance explores ideas about shadows in love and shadows in fairytales – through Gothic fairytales about having and not having, longing and loosing, making mistakes, but living to tell […]