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What’s in a myth?

Myths are important on so many levels. They are a rich source of archaeological evidence about the past.  The myth of Eros and Psyche describes how the Gods ruled life and culture in ancient Greece.  A king visits the Delphic oracle, and obeys the words of the Gods, leaving his daughter on a mountainside. The […]

Persephone in paperback!

My book ‘Persephone – a journey from winter to spring’ illustrated by Virginia Lee and published by Frances Lincoln, has just come out in paperback. It has a beautiful new cover: And there is a lovely review in the Saturday Guardian! The book has been recommended by Julia Eccleshare as perfect summer reading for kids! […]

Cupid have Mercy

Shakespeare’s birthday is celebrated every year by the Royal Shakespeare Company and the town of Stratford-upon-Avon. This year I will be joining the celebrations, performing some ancient Greek myths. Shakespeare refers to Greek and Roman gods, goddesses, myths and legends throughout many of his plays. I will bring to life the story of Perseus, Medusa, […]

EROS AND PSYCHE – at Northern Stage and York Theatre Royal

Love, beauty, suffering, and the search for the soul, meet in the myth of Eros and Psyche. Socrates questioned it … Eros made sure of it … Aphrodite excelled at it… and Psyche thought about it all the time …  While Socrates and his friends debate the purpose of love over dinner – in the […]

Greek Myths – starry sales!

My  latest book ‘Greek Myths – stories of sun, stone and sea’ has been in bookshops all over the UK.  It has been selling so well, it was on the best seller list of Blackwell’s Bookshop this Christmas! There have been some very nice reviews of the book. The Times called it, “luminously lovely.” Many […]

Greek Myths – Stories of Sun, Stone and Sea

My  new book ‘Greek Myths – Stories of Sun, Stone and Sea,’ has just come out! It is beautifully illustrated by Jane Ray. I was asked by my publisher Frances Lincoln to write the book for younger readers, to introduce them to the world of Ancient Greece, to the Gods and their stories. So I […]

Eros and Psyche – performance storytelling for adults

My second performance as Artist in Residence at The Swedenborg Society will be ‘Eros and Psyche’ for adults on Thursday 10th May at 7.00pm at Swedenborg Hall. The writings of philosopher and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg seem to have been influenced by Platonic ideas and images. Swedenborg’s own search for truth, beauty and love has parallels […]

Persephone at Yohji Making Waves – filming a story

Persephone at Yohji Making Waves was a performance given in July 2011 inside Yohji Yamamoto’s exquisite installation at The Wapping Project. The installation – ‘Yohji Making Waves’ – was a collaboration between: designer Yohji Yamamoto, Wapping Project director Jules Wright, lighting designer Masao Nihei; and musician Billy Cowie. This truly mysterious, mythical installation conjured images of Hades and the […]

Persephone at Yohji Making Waves – The Wapping Project

The Wapping Project have an exquisite installation by iconic Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. The boiler house has been filled with water. A voluminous silk dress falls from the roof, reflecting in a dark pool of water that covers the floor. Delicate sound and light  create a meditative atmosphere. And a little boat carries visitors across the […]

Persephone – a journey through translations

My book Persephone – A Journey from winter to spring , illustrated by Virginia Lee (published by Frances Lincoln) has been included in The Guardian’s list of children’s books for Christmas. This is thanks to Agiati Benardou, a Greek journalist.  She reviewed the Greek version of the book, along with a performance I gave in […]