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The Three Snake Leaves – spring shows

The Three Snake Leaves goes on tour again! We have our last two English performances, plus four performances in Wales that have been produced by Beyond the Border. It has been wonderful to re-create this performance again, with such gorgeous music from Dylan Fowler and Gill Stevens. We come together for each performance with a […]

On tour with The Company Of Storytellers

The Company of Storytellers (Hugh Lupton, Ben Haggarty, Sally Pomme Clayton) will be touring a few UK venues this autumn. They will be performing their new version of  The Three Snake Leaves with music specially composed and performed by Dylan Fowler and Gillian Stevens. The Three Snake Leaves weaves together less well known stories from […]


Journey into the fairytale forest, under dappled sun and falling leaves, over thick snow and a carpet of flowers, as I tell four classic fairytales from the Brother’s Grimm, for younger listeners. The stories follow the seasons, evoking a year of magic, change, and transformation. When the characters enter the mysterious forest, unexpected adventures and […]

THE THREE SNAKE LEAVES – hidden wonders from the Grimm forest

The 200th anniversary of the Brothers Grimm’s magnificent collection of fairy stories is in 2012. To celebrate the anniversary, The Company of Storytellers – Hugh Lupton, Ben Haggarty and Sally Pomme Clayton  – are  recreating their unique piece of  performance storytelling for adults – The Three Snake Leaves. This remixed version will have live music specially […]

Finding your own story

Finding a story you believe in, is a work in itself. It can be, and perhaps should be, demanding. Sometimes it’s like searching for the  impossible ‘Soria Moria Castle’!  Remembering tales you heard as a child, scouring bookshops, talking to people, researching in libraries, visiting galleries, travelling, are all ways of finding a story. Librarian […]

The Beautiful and the Damned – at 40 Winks Hotel

On the nights of June 15 and 16 I will be performing at the gorgeous 40 Winks Hotel, telling stories on the theme of  ‘The Beautiful and the Damned’ . I am sharing the night with storyteller Nell Phoenix. Bedtime Stories at 40 Winks is a spoken word event curated by Rachel Rose Reid that […]

Skype Stories

I had a skype conversation with Eric Miller and a group of his students from The Storytelling Institute in Chennai, South India. Eric and his team are working in diverse and creative ways to keep South Indian storytelling traditions alive, and develop new storytellers. They lead workshops to help storytellers extend their skills, and to […]