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Visiting old haunts in Ventnor

I am travelling to Ventnor, on the Isle of Wight next week. I am so excited to visit a place where some of my ancestors lived, but where I have never been! Ventnor Library’s  Tanith Hicks and Andrew Walker are hosting my visit, and I will be doing three events for them at the library. […]

Night Visit – behind the title!

Travel through the night, encounter spirits, visit heaven and hell, voyage beyond death with Night Visit, Saturday 12 October, 8pm, Rich Mix, London.  Choosing a title is always hard! The title Night Visit has several meanings and strands of narrative in the performance. It describes my great-grandparents’ and grandparents’ explorations of the supernatural, and their […]

Taking Swedenborg to Sweden, in English!

We are taking Night Visit to Sweden, to the Ljungby Berattar (storytelling) festival. Ljungby is a small town in southern Sweden, with a very beautiful museum – sagomuseet – dedicated to stories. We will do two performances of Night Visit. The last performance will be followed by seminar, where I have been invited to join […]

Night Visit App is ready – for ipad and Android tablets

The Night Visit multimedia App is available now! The App is free, and  available for both ipad and Android tablets. Download it, and share it. The Night Visit App is  a  different  way  of  telling  a  story. The App supports the live experimental storytelling performance Night Visit. The App has been made by Marmelada, and […]

Night Visit film clips

Night Visit was premiered at The Swedenborg Society to a packed audience who went with us all the way on a journey into other realms. Huge thanks to all at The Swedenborg Society for supporting it in every way and helping it to come to fruition. We are making an app to go with the […]

Night Visit – performance storytelling for adults

“I had heard my Grandfather’s stories of spirits many times, but the events were so strange, I was never sure if I’d really heard them, exaggerated them, or invented them myself.” Night Visit is the culmination of my year long residency of performances and research at The Swedenborg Society. This experimental storytelling performance traces the cultural history of […]

The King with Dirty Feet – app LIVE!

The king has dirty feet, and his servant Gabu has three days to rid the land of dust! Help Gabu sweep, brush, and stitch as he tries to clean the kingdom. Funny, and charming, with a twist at the end, ‘The King with Dirty Feet’ combines the best traditional storytelling with cutting-edge technology. International team […]

Night Visit – artist in residence at The Swedenborg Society

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688 -1772) was a scientist, inventor, traveler, philosopher, theologian, visionary and mystic. The Swedenborg Society explore his ideas by hosting inspiring lectures, exhibitions, performances and screenings. They have a bookshop and library, and print diverse literature linked to Swedenborg. My grandparents were interested in spiritualism, mysticism, and the ideas of Swedenborg. They passed on […]

The King with Dirty Feet – app coming soon!

I am working with a Greek team of artists to make my story The King with Dirty Feet into an app. The King with Dirty Feet was published in 1991. It was the first story I tried to write.  I was asked by Mary Medlicott to contribute a story to a collection that she was […]