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Subversive stories for bedtime!

Fairytales and myths explode with subversive images of  lust, gender bending, role swapping,  dressing-up and cross-dressing.  In the liminal world of story there are no boundaries, and all forms of desire are possible! On the 16th and 17th of November ‘Bedtime Story Nights’ at 40 Winks Hotel takes a playful look at the relationship between the […]

The Beautiful and the Damned – at 40 Winks Hotel

On the nights of June 15 and 16 I will be performing at the gorgeous 40 Winks Hotel, telling stories on the theme of  ‘The Beautiful and the Damned’ . I am sharing the night with storyteller Nell Phoenix. Bedtime Stories at 40 Winks is a spoken word event curated by Rachel Rose Reid that […]


How do you get an audience in the right mood to listen to a story? 40 Winks is a house that was built in 1717.  David Carter has transformed it into a magical hotel, and an occasional venue for wonderful events. For his ‘Bedtime Stories’ the audience change into nighties and pyjamas, and clutching their […]