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Solomon and Sheba

Solomon and Sheba appear briefly in the Old Testament when Sheba visits King Solomon, tests him with hard questions until dawn, then Solomon gives to Sheba ‘all her desire’. Although the Book of Kings doesn’t say what this desire might be! However, I have found countless other tales exist about Solomon and Sheba. Stories of […]

Solomon and Sheba – telling and listening

I am performing ‘Solomon and Sheba’ at the Royal Derngate Theatre in Northampton – ¬†23rd Sept, and at Emerson College – 1st October. It is very enjoyable to repeat a performance within a short space of time. The stories have a chance to sink into my body, to become freer, and I can play with […]

Solomon and Sheba – at Lancaster Litfest

Performance at Lancaster Litfest on 23 June 2011   Provoking, seductive, and a virgin, the Queen of Sheba visits King Solomon to test his wisdom. riddles and tricks, desire and foolishness ensue, as they unravel each others’ histories. Solomon and Sheba appear briefly in the Bible, yet countless apocryphal tales ¬†exist about them in Hebrew, […]