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Learning ethics through stories

I have not written for ages, as we have been moving house. And it nearly didn’t happen. We have been utterly lost in a world where the tempting possibility of more and more money turns ordinary people into greedy ogres. There are no laws in this world to prevent people from behaving like ogres, being […]

Enacting the myth of Diwali

Lighting lamps for Diwali is an enactment of a mythic story. The myth of Diwali tells of a time when demons invaded the world. The ten-headed demon king, Ravana, had stolen away the beautiful Princess Sita and imprisoned her in his demon kingdom, Lanka. Prince Rama and his brother Laksham set off to find Sita. […]

Getting children to tell stories

Last week was National Storytelling Week, and there are many ways to explore telling stories. I was involved in a wonderful project at Gospal Oak Primary School, with Apples and Snakes. The project encouraged the whole school to tell stories. The school had devised an exciting structure for their project which can easily be adapted […]

Diwali tale

Diwali – the festival of lights – is on October 26th this year.  Diwali celebrates the return of Rama and Sita, after their exile in the forest, and Sita’s kidnap by Ravana the Demon King.  As Rama and Sita walk across India, people light little lamps, diyas, and place them outside their houses, to light […]

Zarina’s Orchard comes to life

Sussed Theatre Company asked if they could use my story ‘Zarina’s Orchard’ from Tales Told in Tents, to create a play with a community theatre group based at Sidlesham School. Sussed used the story as a starting point to: research Central Asian music and dance; improvise scenes, develop characters and invent dialogue; write a song, […]

Spoken Word – Living Sound

On Sunday 6 March I will be performing Zarina’s Orchard with the wonderful early music band Joglaresa at Turner Simms Concert Hall, Southampton. Joglaresa, and their director Belinda Sykes, play an enchanting repertoire of early music from the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean. In traditional culture, the storyteller usually accompanies themselves with a stringed instrument or […]

Book Signing

“Now I shall perform what the Gods and the World, the moving and the still, shall keep narrating, as long as Earth endures…” (traditional way of starting Ramayana) ‘Rama and Sita – Path of Flames’ – book signing at Peckham Literary Festival On: November 26, 2010.  7.15 – 8.30 pm At: Persepolis, Persian shop, 28 – […]

Rama and Sita – Path of Flames

Sally Pomme Clayton and Sophie Herxheimer’s latest book came out on October 7 2010. It brings to life an ancient Hindu epic, The Ramayana, which has travelled across religions, languages, and countries. Princess Sita has been stolen by Ravana, the Demon King. And Rama sets off to find her. Rama is helped by Hanuman, the […]