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‘Prince Zal and the Simorgh’ at the Royal Festival Hall

I have been writing a story for composer David Bruce, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, City University Music Department and musicians Fariborz Kiani, Arash Moradi and Laudan Nooshin. The story is based on a section of Persian epic The Shahname. David Bruce has composed a dramatic score that wraps around the text, conjuring images and emotions. The […]

The World Above – The World Below

What happens when two worlds meet our own? Gods argue, demons fall in love, and earth becomes a playground! During 2010 I was commissioned by The British Museum to create six interlinked performances inspired by ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’project. The performances were based on objects such as: a mammoth tusk; a stone tablet; a […]

Pilgrim Tales – summer storytelling at The British Museum

When did we stop believing? For medieval pilgrims the sight of a splinter of wood, a drop of blood, a fragment of bone, a scrap of textile, or a phial of tears, would cause rapture, weeping, and prayer. Dust would be scraped from the tombs of saints and drunk as a magical potion. Oil or water […]

Re-creation or origination?

Re-telling traditional stories does not have a high status! I am often asked how a dusty, old story is relevant to urban, technological lives. Or I bump into the idea that the process of originating a story is more creative, than the process of re-telling an existing tale. Even my teenage niece has asked me […]