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Solomon and Sheba

Solomon and Sheba appear briefly in the Old Testament when Sheba visits King Solomon, tests him with hard questions until dawn, then Solomon gives to Sheba ‘all her desire’. Although the Book of Kings doesn’t say what this desire might be! However, I have found countless other tales exist about Solomon and Sheba. Stories of […]

Sun, Moon, and Stars at the Wellcome Collection

Is the Sun male or female, Ra – Egyptian Sun God, or Saule – Baltic Sun Goddess? Is the Moon female or male, Artemis – Greek Goddess of the Moon, or Tsuki – Japanese Moon God? Every culture across the world has their own collection of myths about the sun, moon and stars, so many […]

Getting into bed with Plato

I will be performing Eros and Psyche at The Forge, Camden, Tuesday 13 May 2014, 7.30pm. Come and celebrate love in all its forms. The Ancient Greeks had several words for different types of love, among them: Eros – passionate desire; Fillia – friendship; Agape – wider love for fellow human beings and the world. […]

How to tell a fairytale!

I will be performing Love in the Shadows – dark, gothic tales about wolves, devils and girls who turn into flowers with my teeny, tiny shadow theatre at The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, on Sunday 15 December, as part of  ‘Angels Aren’t Just for Christmas… A Festival of Fairytales for Grown-ups’ 11th – 15th Dec […]

What’s in a myth?

Myths are important on so many levels. They are a rich source of archaeological evidence about the past.  The myth of Eros and Psyche describes how the Gods ruled life and culture in ancient Greece.  A king visits the Delphic oracle, and obeys the words of the Gods, leaving his daughter on a mountainside. The […]

Night Visit – behind the title!

Travel through the night, encounter spirits, visit heaven and hell, voyage beyond death with Night Visit, Saturday 12 October, 8pm, Rich Mix, London.  Choosing a title is always hard! The title Night Visit has several meanings and strands of narrative in the performance. It describes my great-grandparents’ and grandparents’ explorations of the supernatural, and their […]

Storytellers need spaces

Cafes  and caravansaries, palaces  and courtyards, tents  and inns, theatres  and concert halls, kitchen tables and Persian carpets, gardens  and summer houses, cellars  and balconies, galleries  and  churches, salons  and bedrooms….. Storytellers need spaces! I am known for getting into a space and rearranging it! I know which wall my back should be against, which wall […]

EROS AND PSYCHE – at Northern Stage and York Theatre Royal

Love, beauty, suffering, and the search for the soul, meet in the myth of Eros and Psyche. Socrates questioned it … Eros made sure of it … Aphrodite excelled at it… and Psyche thought about it all the time …  While Socrates and his friends debate the purpose of love over dinner – in the […]

The Three Snake Leaves – spring shows

The Three Snake Leaves goes on tour again! We have our last two English performances, plus four performances in Wales that have been produced by Beyond the Border. It has been wonderful to re-create this performance again, with such gorgeous music from Dylan Fowler and Gill Stevens. We come together for each performance with a […]

On tour with The Company Of Storytellers

The Company of Storytellers (Hugh Lupton, Ben Haggarty, Sally Pomme Clayton) will be touring a few UK venues this autumn. They will be performing their new version of  The Three Snake Leaves with music specially composed and performed by Dylan Fowler and Gillian Stevens. The Three Snake Leaves weaves together less well known stories from […]