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Harmony and Discord – storytelling promenade at The National Gallery

Titian’s radiant painting Bacchus and Ariadne reveals past, present and future all in one painting. Theseus’ ship sails away in the distance, leaving Ariadne bereft on the island of Naxos. Then the maenads appear, clashing cymbals, devouring haunches of meat, dogs barking, draped in snakes, drunk, blowing trumpets. These followers of Bacchus believe their ecstatic […]

Tales of Mary – The National Gallery

“All under the leaves, the leaves of life, I met with virgins seven, And one of them was Mary mild, Our Lord’s mother in Heaven.” Celebrate Christmas at The National Gallery by listening to ‘Tales of Mary‘ – told beside the magnificent painting of  ‘The Annunciation’  by Italian artist, Carlo Crivelli. Mary kneels before the Angel […]

Revealing allegories – Renaissance Night at The National Gallery

‘Insight into truth is cloaked in fable…’  Bernard Silvestris, 1150 Renaissance artists loved to hide symbols, stories, and allegories inside their paintings. Artists drew on ancient Greek and Roman myths for inspiration, reinterpreting the stories and giving them their own meanings. For Renaissance artists these myths revealed divine truths, and by gazing on a painting and […]

Writing a painting – Degas and the ring – poem from a performance

What circles one and binds two? A ring. An engagement ring, a wedding ring. Hélène was about to be married, and Degas painted out her ring. He painted out her engagement ring. You can see the shadow there, a ghost ring, just visible under the surface beneath layers of paint. What did Degas mean by painting […]

Performing with Degas at The National Gallery

Paintings are doorways to other worlds. Degas explored this by depicting multiple spaces in his paintings, allowing the viewer to look at several spaces simultaneously. I am creating a performance for The National Gallery inspired by the mysterious atmosphere of  Degas’ painting – Hélène Rouart in her Father’s Study.  A girl stands in her father’s study, behind […]

Renaissance Night at the National Gallery

I have been commissioned by The National Gallery to create a performance for their Renaissance Night, part of Museums at Night 2011, where museums throughout the country are opening late and holding special events. The National Gallery are hosting a night of Renaissance Revelry on Friday May 13 from 5pm – 8pm with candlelit Renaissance music, […]