Crow Blood Snow

“Crow Blood Snow made me jolt with glimpses into vast landscapes.” Audience Soho Theatre

Crow was there at the beginning, warns of dangers, makes you  fall in love,  flies over the battlefield, brings the dead back to life, keeps the memories, counts time, waits for  doom, is the matter of the land itself. 

Sally Pomme Clayton weaves forgotten folklore, fairytales, songs and fragments of myth – from Ireland to Italy, Scandinavia to Siberia – to conjure dark and dangerous Crow. With the help of a harmonium and a toy crow, she ask how has Crow comes to represent birth, and death, and transformation! Performed at Soho Theatre, with crows in a Cambridge garden, Torriano Meetings House, a barn with bats and owls.

“Sally Pomme Clayton is a visionary storyteller.” Audience Soho Theatre