Workshops for children and students

Sally-Pomme is a highly experienced workshop leader facilitating practical workshops in storytelling skills and creative writing. She works with Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 5 and beyond. She creates inspiring and engaging practical workshops to link to the requirements of your group and the curriculum. Workshops can last from one hour, to a day, to a whole  week. They can be one off, or part of a series. Sally-Pomme’s workshops are fun, playful, creative, detailed, and immersive. A workshop can change a participant’s sense of what is possible.

A storytelling workshop gives confidence in: speaking and listening; undertsanding story structure; use of gesture and voice; improvisation and memory; telling a story aloud; expression, imagination and communication.

A creative writing workshop gives confidence in: using language and playing with words; exploring character and description; understanding story strucutre; exploring point of view; developing imagination; creating poems and stories; reading work aloud.

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sally pomme clayton leads storytelling workshops for schools

“Sally Pomme Clayton is very kind and generous. I’ve loved working with her and rate our sessions as one of the top events of the week!” Nam, Year 7. Creative Writing Club, Durand Academy.

sally pomme clayton leads creative workshops for schools).

 “Sally Pomme Clayton generated huge admiration and respect from her students and colleagues. She gave generously of her time to team tasks and to students. Sally Pomme’s feedback on assignments was always acutely observed, detailed and constructive. She aimed to get to know her module groups as individuals, and is an inspirational and supportive tutor.” Jayne Richards, Programme Director, Theatre Studies, Rose Bruford College