Death and the Warrior Maiden

A young man is running away from Death, and a  warrior woman fights on horseback in disguise. Discover rare gems from Central Asia, from unknown myths buried in the Koran to Turkic epic of Dede Korkut known throughout Central Asia, written down 14th Century but still traveling the Silk Road. Meet the wildest warrior woman of all – descended from Black Sea Amazons, find the place where Death does not exist. These stories reveal the richness of nomadic cultures and the deep value placed on storytelling. These are stories of crazed desire, wild beasts, and a woman warrior who will fight to the death. But there  is only one thing that will stop Death, and only one thing that will stop war – the power of stories themselves. These passionate, hilarious and unknown stories are funny, fresh, and full of contemporary relevance. Pomme has travelled to Central Asia and experienced the rich and little known heritage of the steppes of Central Asia and the captivating history of the endless Silk Road. She shares her love of nomadic culture and some of the stories they hold more valuable than gold.

“Powerful storytelling by a top storyteller.” The Good Book Guide