Illustrations by Virginia Lee ‘Persephone’ (Frances Lincoln 2012)

Audience – 6 upwards
Length – flexible 30 to 60 mins
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“Approaching the Greek myth of Persephone with the respect that a good storyteller holds for a great story, Clayton retells the tale with drama and grace.” Booklist.

perspehone by sally pomme clayton

“Sally Pomme Clayton captures all the pathos of this story in her lyrical retelling.” The Guardian

No flowers. No plants. No sunshine. When Hades carries Persephone down to the Underworld,  her mother Demeter curses the Earth for hiding her. Everything stops growing and it is winter all year round. Persephone must return to Earth. But how can Spring return when Winter reigns? Performance storyteller Sally Pomme takes the audience on a dramatic journey to the underworld to bring Persephone back. Based on her picture book ‘Persephone – a journey from winter to spring’ the myth reveals how the cycle of nature and the seasons came to be, describing the way ancient Greeks understood the world. Sally Pomme uses lyrical spoken word, strange musical sounds, gesture and rhythm, to bring this ancient Greek myth to life. You will learn some Greek words, find out why the pomegranate is so important, answer riddles, and help Demeter find her daughter. Haunting, poetic, and full of magic, welcome in the spring with this beautiful story. This performance is suitable for any space.

sally pomme clayton tells greek myths for schools

“Sally Pomme Clayton’s Persephone is deeply affecting… dramatically described in visionary pictures as well as words. “ The Times

persephone by sally-pomme clayton and virginia lee greek yths for schools

 “Clayton employs vivid imagery, powerful emotions and loads of action to convey adventure, grief, love, drama and the circle of life. Dialogue is crisp and accessible, while retaining just a hint of the formality expected of gods and goddesses..A beautiful retelling of an enduring myth.” Kirkus

Performing the myth of Persephone at Wapping Project’s amazing installation ‘Yohji Making Waves’