Night Visit

Night Visit was created in 2012 and toured until 2016. This performance is not currently available.

night visit sally-pomme clayton storyteller for adults
A séance of live sounds, images, stories – summoning ghosts

“I’d heard my Grandfather’s stories of spirits many times, but they were so strange, I was never sure if I’d really heard them, exaggerated them, or invented them myself.”

Sally Pomme Clayton  – story / Panos Ghikas – sound / Fotios Begklis – film
Sally Pomme grew up hearing stories of spirits, the stories haunted her, until she brought them back to life!  Night Visit  was created during  2012 when Sally Pomme was artist in Residence at The Swedenborg Society. It was supported by Arts Council funding in 2012 and then during a tour in 2015 – 2016. It was preformed at The Swedenborg Society; Rich Mix; Northern Stage; Ventnor Arts Club; The Riverfront Newport;  The Old Firestation Oxford; Asylum Peckham.
The performance summons ghosts, telling the strange stories of her ancestors’ experiences of  spiritualism. A multi-layered narrative, where biography and myth merge with history and dream. Sally Pomme traces the cultural history of spiritualism from the 1800’s, when science tried to capture the invisible, to the mass bereavement of two World wars. Night Visit is innovative and immersive, the audience is surrounded by quadraphonic sound performed by Panos Ghikas, and vivid images manipulated live by Fotios Begklis. Sound and speech fracture and fuse, narrative and noise cut-up and coalesce. Night Visit conjures voices from the past.

“Night Visit – a mesmerizing performance.”  Ljungby Festival, Sweden

night visit sally-pomme clayton storytelling for adults

“Night Visit – beautiful, original  work.” Kicking the Bucket Festival, Oxford

Night Visit at The Swedenborg Society

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