The White Bear King

The perfect wintery romance. A wonderful fairytale for adults and children over 12. This performance lasts 55 minutes and is suitable for absolutely any venue, but darkness and sparkles of candle light make it truly magical! The White Bear King is funny, mysterious, moving and transformational. Sally Pomme mixes cowbells, Nordic wedding songs, surreal characters, and gripping narrative to take you on an impossible journey. Sally Pomme also has versions of this performance with singer Helen Chadwick.

Illustratiion Theodor Kittelsen 1912
Illustration by Theodor Kittelsen 1912

Step into a snowy forest for a dark and adult fairytale, with a polar bear and a princess, trolls, stolen children, and a terrible curse. Set in a world of ice and snow, frost and firesides, a princess climbs a glass mountain to set a cursed bear free, but can she undo the terrible Troll Hag’s spell? Magical and funny, tinged with darkness and pain, this is the perfect treat as the nights draw in. Sometimes you suffer for love – sometimes you suffer because of love.

“Word magic! Funny and moving, her gestures, expressions, speech, silence and sparkling personality hold her public entranced.” The King of Hearts Arts Centre