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Enter a world of wonder and enquiry with the whole family. Storytelling reaches across generations and brings them together. Pomme thinks that telling stories for families is deeply important and creates a special circle of listening that has lasting effects. An adult listening to a story helps a child listen; a child’s enjoyment of a story is enjoyment for an adult, and both adult and child begin to value stories more. They they take the story away, talk about it together, share it, and it becomes a memory seed that grows inside them both.

Pomme performs for families in libraries, museums, festivals, schools, galleries, theatres, parties, halls, art and heritage organizations, sitting rooms, gardens, tents… anywhere! Her performances can be linked to a theme or exhibition, a celebration or festival, a family party or event. She can draw from her extensive global repertoire of stories, or her books, to suit your venue and audience. Or you can choose from some of her most loved family performances.

‘Thank you so much for everything you did to help make the Family Day such a success. I really appreciated your professionalism, endless cheerfulness and going above and beyond to create a magical experience for everyone. Families really enjoyed your performance, it was lovely to see all ages and stages being transformed by your storytelling. I appreciated all the sensory layers that drew in the younger audiences.’ The British Library Alexander Family Day

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