Spoken Word

Stories, spells, songs – The Mighty Goddess show!

“Fiery, thrilling, powerful storytelling,Bloomsbury Festival

Electrifying, soulful storytelling for adults only! Pioneering storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton evokes powerful goddesses from across the globe. These feminist retellings are sly, subversive and spectacular and put goddesses in the centre of narratives about lust, desire, death, destruction, transformation and rebirth. Follow the goddess: creator, virgin, lover, mother, warrior, crone. Meet: Vesta the fiery virgin; Cybele the mother goddess who fathered a child; Ishtar Goddess of Love and War who journeys to the Land of the Dead. Sally Pomme Clayton entwines myths with memories, spells with songs, comedy with ceremony. She brings ancient myths to contemporary life with dynamic spoken-word, strange musical sounds, gesture and ritual. And the audience all receive a message from the goddess’s oracle! The Mighty Goddess is X rated and for adults only, it contains graphic content. The stories are drawn from Pomme’s latest book The Mighty Goddess (The History Press 2023) 52 goddess myths that combine myth and art with fabulous papercuts by artist Sophie Herxheimer. This performance has appeared at: Festivals in Dresden and Leipzig; Capstone Theatre; Cheltenham Literature Festival; The British Museum; Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival; East Anglian Storytelling Festival; Watkins Bookshop; Cavendish Arms; Brockwell Barn; Rhythm Tree Festival.

“No book hits the zeitgeist more accurately… With every tale we are encouraged to think. With every tale comes a reckoning. They stretch across the world and show love, anger, revenge, rape and repentance, tiny jealousies and fathomless compassion.” Facts and Fiction

What audiences are saying about the performance of The Mighty Goddess:

“Majestic and naughty.” Brockwell Barn
“It felt like I was a child again listening to stories – with added sex, lots of sex actually!” Brockwell Barn
“I was blown away by The Mighty Goddess, you embodied these ancient stories.” East Anglian Storytelling Festival
“You have made the goddess go mainstream!” Beyond the Border Festival
“I was blessed to see this at Beyond the Border storytelling festival. Pomme embodies and channels the Goddess with her powerfully vibrant delivery. Highly recommend!” Beyond the Border Festival
“Sparky and potent.” Watkins Bookshop
“Completely mesmerising.” Cavendish Arms
“Mighty! Breath-taking. You are fabulous!” Grassi Museum, Imagine Festival, Leipzig
“Hilarious and magical!” Societaetstheatre, Imagine Festival, Dresden
“A tour-de-force. It was brilliant. The audience loved it and you.” The British Museum
“You danced the stories.” The British Museum
“We all need a goddess in our lives right now and this is one!” The British Museum

About the performance
The Mighty Goddess
is exceptional performance storytelling for adult audiences. It is dramatic, hilarious, enthralling and contains explicit material for adult audiences only. The performance is in two half’s – 50 and 45 minutes – with an interval between. Find out more or make a booking.