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The Mighty Goddess- World Myths by Sally Pomme Clayton and Sophie Herxheimer 
(The History Press 2023)

This stunning collection brings together over 50 goddess myths from across the globe: familiar, unknown, forgotten – spectacular! Pioneering storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton revitalizes powerful goddesses creating new perspectives from ancient myths. Journey from Alaska to Mesopotamia, ancient Rome to Tibet. The book features paper-cuts by artist Sophie Herxheimer, juxtaposing the ordinary and fabulous. Follow the goddess from creator to crone. The Mighty Goddess reimagines myths in poetic language, putting the goddess in the centre of the narrative, exploring the many ways in which goddesses are represented. Words and images delight and subvert, revelling in the female, exploring creativity, desire, destruction and death.

Violet and the Sea Giant by Sally Pomme Clayton illustrated by Richy K Chandler 
(Autin Dance Theatre 2022)

The King with Dirty Feet Sally Pomme Clayton and Rhiannon Sanderson (Otter-Barry Books 2021)
new paperback edition! Winner of ‘Best Picture Book’, Oxford Book Awards 2019.

The Phoenix of Persia by Sally Pomme Clayton and Amin Hassanzadeh Sharif (Tiny Owl 2019
This book has a QR code inside with links to a free 30 min track of the Pomme telling the story set to beautifully composed music played on Iranian instruments. The book was nominated for the Greenaway Award 2020, and the UKLA award 2020.

The King with Dirty Feet  by Sally Pomme Clayton and Rhiannon Sanderson. (Otter-Barry Books 2018) Hardback

Greek Myths – stories of sun, stone and sea
Sally Pomme Clayton and Jane Ray (Frances Lincoln 2012/ 2014)

Persephone. A journey from Winter to Spring
by Sally Pomme Clayton and Virginia Lee (Frances Lincoln 2009/ 2012)

Amazons! Women Warriors of the world
by Sally Pomme Clayton and Sophie Herxheimer (Frances Lincoln 2008)

Tales told in tents – stories from Central Asia
by Sally Pomme Clayton and Sophie Herxheimer (Frances Lincoln 2004/ 2006) 

The girl who married a bear by Pomme Clayton and Tony Ross (Orchard Books 1999)

The girl who told a 1001 stories by Pomme Clayton and Tony Ross (Orchard Books 1999)

The girl who went to the underworld by Pomme Clayton and Tony Ross ( Orchard Books 1999)

The girl with golden fingers by Pomme Clayton and Tony Ross ( Orchard Book 1999)

“The King with Dirty Feet” in The King with Dirty Feet, and other stories from around the World. Ed. Mary Medlicott, illustrated by Sue Williams. (Larousse Kingfisher Chambers 1991/1998)

The Orchard Book of Stories from the Seven Seas Pomme Clayton and Sheila Moxley (Orchard Books 1996)

Tales of Amazing Maidens Pomme Clayton and Sophie Herxheimer (Orchard Books 1995)

The King with Dirty Feet” in Time for Telling. Ed. Mary Medlicott, illustrated by Sue Williams (Kingfisher Books 1991)

stories by sally pomme clayton

The No Panic Book of Not Panicking Ed. Sally Pomme Clayton and No Panic (Apples and Snakes 2016)

With music in Istanbul” by Sally Pomme Clayton  in City-pick Istanbul. Ed. Heather Reyes.
(Oxygen Books, City-Pick 2013)

“Making Versions: a storytelling journey with Ramayana” in ‘Story: the heart of the matter’. Ed. Maggie Butt. (Greenwich Exchange Publishing 2007)

“Erotocritos” in ‘Velocity, the best of Apples and Snakes’. Edited by Maja Prausnitz (Black Spring Press 2003)

Into the hidden countrySally Pomme Clayton. Society for Storytelling Oracle Series 9. (2008) 

The British Library online articles for Inside Story Project (2005)
Shahname historical and cultural questions
Life of Ferdowsi
Meeting the Ramayana
Inside the Sea of Stories

Telling the images. Sally Pomme Clayton. Estudos Literatura Oral, Journal 9 -10. Universidade do Algarve. (2004)
The women warrior – fact or tale? Sally Pomme Clayton. Estudos Literatura Oral 7- 8 Universidade do Algarve (2002)