Traditional stories are vital for a child’s development. Fairytales and myths belong to us all, they are a collective heritage that links us across the world. Pomme believes that listening to stories develops: language; imagination; a sense of story structure; expression and communication; the ability to listen; a knowledge and love of myths and fairytales; an understanding of oral tradition and global cultures; courage, and emotional maturity. Stories bring learning alive and can link to all areas of the curriculum.

Pomme has long experience of working with schools from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5, combining spoken-word with musical sounds, gestures with voices that bring characters alive, dialogue and interaction. Her exciting performances engage listeners effortlessly, suddenly a class is on the edge of their seats, wrapped-up in the drama of a story, desperate to know what’s going to happen next! Pomme visits schools and can do several performances over a day, lasting between 30 to 60 minutes each depending on age group.

“Pomme came to Kingston Library and enthralled a room full of school children, teachers and the local Mayor with tales of wonder and strange lands, creepy disembodied hands and horses which could fly. We were all transfixed! Sally Pomme is a top notch storyteller and I heartily recommend her.” Mike Treacy, Kingston Library

“Hearing Pomme tell her magical stories at The British Library and being utterly transfixed by them, I invited her to the Barbican Children’s Library. She has visited us twice and had the children absolutely spellbound on both occasions. The unusual musical instruments with which she accompanies her stories help to create a mystical and authentic atmosphere.” Amanda  Owens Children’s Services Librarian, Barbican Centre

Pomme can tell stories from her vast repertoire, or create a programme linked to your specific theme or topic. She can tell stories from one of her books, or  you can choose from one of her most loved performances for schools below:

Greek myths

The Phoenix of Persia

The King with dirty feet

Tales told in tents – stories from Central Asia

Stories for Planet Earth

Egyptian myths

Tales of wonder – fairytales from around the world

Roman myths

The Firebird

Grimm’s Fairytales – from classics to the unknown

“I thoroughly recommend this internationally renowned storyteller. I first saw her performing to a diverse audience of adults and children twenty years ago at Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival and was captivated by her warmth and engaging style. I have seen her perform many times since to adults and children, on her own, and as part of The Company of Storytellers. A particularly impressive aspect of the range of stories she tells is the emphasis she gives to tales with strong and clever female characters. I often recommend her books to the teachers, including ‘Tales Told in Tents’ for which she did extensive research travelling in Central Asia in order to collect stories from people living there. Her ‘Rama and Sita – Path of Flames’ was launched at CLPE, and she delighted the audience by retelling a story from it. Another aspect of Pomme’s work in encouraging storytelling with refugees.” Ann Lazim, Librarian Centre for Literacy in Primary Education

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