Greek Myths

Illustrations  by Jane Ray from ‘Greek myths’ (Frances Lincoln 2014)

Audience – 6 upwards
Length – flexible, 30 to 60 minutes
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Sally Pomme performs classic Greek Myths from her latest book. Perfect for schools, families, museums, festivals and theatres. Performances can be repeated over a day.

“Ten stories of sun, stone and sea, which sums up some of the appeal of tales set in Greece. …they are all here, bringing their familiar magic. It’s a good introduction for a child who hasn’t met these stories before too.” Mary Hoffman – The Book Maven

greek myths stories of sun stone and sea sally pomme clayton and jane ray 2014-edition

“Especially good for reading aloud…beautiful, glowing illustrations” Parents in Touch

sally pomme clayton storyteller in schools, greek myths for schools

Sally Pomme’s telling of classical Greek myths are dramatic and exciting. She weaves fragments of cultural and historical information through the myths to bring the world of ancient Greece vividly to life. With goat bells and cymbals, rhythms and songs, she introduces the classics through gripping storytelling. Find out how the Universe was created. Learn about the battle of the Titans. Discover how Perseus risks his life searching for the snake-haired Medusa. Find out how to tame Pegasus the flying horse. Try out some Greek words. Meet gods and goddesses. Hear how Persephone brought the seasons, and Pandora brought hope. Answer riddles, consult the oracle. Join the hero’s quest and journey back in time to ancient Greece!

pandora sally pomme clayton storytelling for schools and museums

“Luminously lovely.” The Times