Violet and the Sea Giant

Violet and the Sea Giant
by Sally Pomme Clayton illustrated by Richy K Chandler
published by Autin Dance Theatre
Stories are born from many sources! And this book was inspired by a giant puppet and a wonderful live dance performance!
Violet and the Sea Giant is about a little girl’s brave quest to clean up the sea by telling its story. Violet meets the great sea giant, Eko and sets off on a roller coaster ride to the bottom of the sea. She discovers that the sea is being destroyed. But what can she do? She is only little. Find out how Violet helps to save the ocean. The adventure unfolds with Richy K Chandler’s brilliant, endearing and funny comic style illustrations that draw you into the magic of an undersea world and reveal the catastrophes that are taking place. Follow the drama of Violet’s journey as she discovers she is brave enough to speak out about what is happening to our oceans and do something creative to make sure it continues to be our ‘forever sea’.

The book is inspired by Autin Dance Theatre’s acclaimed outdoor physical dance theatre performance, Out of the Deep Blue, featuring Eko, a giant puppet operated by 5 puppeteers, exploring the themes of climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis through live performance

The book coasts £10.00 – purchase the book here!
See Eko the giant puppet in real life – as Autin Dance tour the UK and beyond this year, most performances are outside and are free, follow the link for tour dates!

Eko the giant puppet who inspired Violet and the Sea Giant!