Cupid have mercy

Audience – adults and over 14
Length – flexible 30 – 70 mins
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When Cupid looses his arrow – passion follows. His love-dart leaves lusting Gods, desperate Goddesses, pining mortals, yearning trees, and even makes the Sun fall in love! The whole Universe is at Cupid’s mercy. These hilarious, mysterious, and entertaining ancient Roman myths are perfect for a party or celebration.

The poetry of Ovid, and his fiery, romantic, often darkly comic, cruel tales, are brought to life in Sally Pomme’s dynamic performance. Follow Cupid as he flies around the world making Gods fall for beasts, humans for flowers, trees for nymphs, stars for humans. Cupid does not even have mercy on his own mother. He makes Venus have countless affairs, and when Venus falls hopelessly, and tragically in love with Adonis, then even Cupid’s mother begs for mercy. These are stories for adults only!

“Sally Pomme Clayton holds her audience, making us laugh, creating silence…This is quiet, thoughtful, wonderfully economical entertainment that knows just when and how to strike home.” Eastern Daily Press

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